Pillow with memory effect LumF-501. 35x56 cm. Rollers 10 and 12 cm, luomma

Артикул: lumf-501
4 100 $

  • size 35x56 cm
  • rollers height 10 and 12 cm
  • memory effect «Memory Foam»
  • hypoallergenic
  • is selected depending on body weight, neck height, shoulder width and individual preferences
Показания к применению:
  • pain in the cervical spine and other parts of the spine
  • prevention of spinal diseases
  • consult with a specialist before use
  • allergy
  • inflammatory skin diseases
  • acne on the shoulders caused by metabolic disorders
  • filler - polyurethane 100%
  • pillowcase - polycotton 100%
Рекомендации по уходу за изделием:

Dry cleaning. Do not expose to direct sunlight or heating appliances. Keep away from excessive moisture. After staying in the cold, it completely restores its properties.



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