Compression glove with open fingers, idealista

Артикул: id-500
3 900 $

  • Compression class 2
  • flat knit provides high pressure on the wrist, guarantees strength and low stretch. Due to these properties, a pronounced anti-edema effect is achieved
  • flat seams do not cause discomfort with constant wear
  • flat knitting technology has a micro-massage effect


Показания к применению:
  • treatment of lymphatic edema of the hand and fingers (primary and secondary lymphedema stages I and II)
  • prevention and treatment of lymphatic edema of the hand and fingers after mastectomy (postmastectomy edema of the upper limb)
  • prevention and treatment of postoperative and post-traumatic edema
  • prevention of the development of keloid scars after burns
  • damage to lymphatic vessels due to trauma


  • circulatory disorders in the arteries of the lower extremities
  • heart pulmonary disease
  • blue painful phlebitis
  • skin rashes (dermatitis)
  • diabetic polyneuropathy
  • chronic polyarthritis


  • individual intolerance to material compression products

61% polyamide, 39% elastane

Рекомендации по уходу за изделием:
  • delicate wash with mild detergents at t ≤ 30. Dry away from heaters and direct sunlight

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