Эластичный бандаж на брюшную стенку Orliman BE-240/BE-300, lm-orthopedic

Артикул: lm-407

Multipurpose orthopedic shoes LM 406 can be used as a compensatory shoe for surgical treatment of one of the feet. When applying a boot model to the operated foot with unloading of the forefoot or heel, a compensatory boot is applied to the second foot. Also, shoes are successfully used for “rheumatoid foot” and in case of insufficient arterial circulation, in the presence of wounds of a different nature on the foot.

Shoes have a removable insole to facilitate care. The unique design of therapeutic shoes allows it to be widely used for a number of problems with the foot.

  • Lightweight insole with an enlarged bearing surface and a roll of dense rubber with anti-slip effect and abrasion resistance
  • The removable insert insole is made of material that is easy to process and provides additional unloading of problem areas
  • Fully disclosed design and Velcro closure for easy putting on shoes to a postoperative dressing, plaster or swollen leg
  • Breathable upper shoes part materials of the increased strength
  • Removable toe cap to protect against dust and moisture
Показания к применению:
  • plaster cast on the foot or ankle
  • compensation of different leg lengths when LM 404 is worn on the second leg (unloading of the forefoot)
  • “rheumatoid foot”
  • arterial insufficiency
  • presence of wounds on the foot
  • gout and bursitis
  • Individual intolerance to shoe materials
Рекомендации по уходу за изделием:

Care with special products designed for the materials from which the shoes are made (brushes, sponges, detergents, impregnations)


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