Two-layer Pillow (carbonic layer with silver ions) CO-04-NO.2 (14/12), ttoman

Артикул: co-04-no.214/12

  • size 56x32 cm
  • rollers height 12/14 cm
  • additional pillowcase included
  • memory effect «Memory Foam»
  • perforation throughout working area of the pillow for more intensive moisture and air circulation
  • hypoallergenic
  • selected depending on body weight, neck height, shoulder width and individual taste
  • two layers

*The main layer - environmentally friendly foam polyurethane
*The upper layer - environmentally friendly foam polyurethane with the addition of carbon (coal) fibers with silver ions which have antimicrobial properties (due to its characteristics carbon fiber with silver ions prevent the emergence and development of colonies of bacteria and saprophytic mites, fungal spores and mold spores)


Показания к применению:
  • pain in the cervical spine and other parts of the spine
  • prevention of spinal diseases
  • contraindications are not detected
  • consult with a specialist before use
  • allergy
  • inflammatory skin diseases
  • acne on the shoulders caused by metabolic disorders
  • filler - polyurethane 100%
  • pillowcase - polycotton 100%
Рекомендации по уходу за изделием:

Dry cleaning. Do not expose to direct sunlight or heating appliances. Keep away from excessive moisture. After staying in the cold, it completely restores its properties.


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